The Way It Works……As I See It……

There are a couple of more enquiries for my next possible assignment. Final decisions are not taken at their end, at least in one case where I am also keen to explore the opportunity.

The other one is not exciting, maybe looked at though, for the sheer requirement of keeping myself busy. Hopefully the one I am keen on will come up.

How does this all work? I have done some analysis.

I am not the specialist or the key resource in any area. Then why I get considered.

Here are a few of my own assessment:-

  1. Strong discipline. I say I bring in a regimen.
  2. Timelines. On time for everything. Attend all meetings.
  3. Level headed and calm approach.
  4. Not to insult anyone, and don’t make anyone feel bad in public 
  5. Stand by your belief. Always look for the interest of the program and team.
  6. Be flexible and adopt when needed.
  7. Be able to step into others shoes and take a view.
  8. Bring fun into workplace.
  9. Meet and talk to everyone of your team at their workstation at least once in a day.
  10. Be empathetic 

Blah blah blah..

I never thought I could write such boring sermons.

Then there’s something that works.

Is it magic then……?

Yes that’s it…… it’s just magic.

Let the magic lasts…… Dream about it……

The Way It Works……As I See It……

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