It’s There, I Can Confirm…… Wish For Participation……

A friend whatsapped asking “no posts for two days, what happened”.

Thanks for that, at least it’s noticed!! Wish there’s participation.

Nothing is wrong. Just that, got a bit busy with packing. 14 boxes left and this is for the 2 year stay in a fully furnished and serviced apartment.

Actually we came with 5 boxes and have 20 on return. This is not counting items that Sunu took home on each of her trips.

Now, this is a guarantee that the passion is intact and I am at least visualizing my dearest friends are reading the madness, at least on email.

There’s something else which has happened. I was lukewarm on a new stint and was shrugging off saying, “well, if something worthwhile comes up, I will look at it”.

The change you can see on my LinkedIn profile. I have updated it yesterday, saying I am the God’s gift to anyone planning a card migration or merger   project.

So, don’t get surprised if I land on a new assignment for a couple of more years.

Another positive thing is that I have reconciled with a valuable contact where there was no talk for sometime. That’s positive and look forward to continued friendship.

There’s one more to come to terms. Sincerely hope that all blocks will be removed.

The mood is ok, though I can’t say fully upbeat. But there’s something as the lyrics came to mind this morning while driving to office was “konnappoo niramulla kunnikuru kavilulla karineela kannulla penne…… ente ayalathu veettile penne…… ariyathe ninne njaan pranayichu poyallo……

Well for those who wonder what this is about,  download the Malayalam song by googling for “konnappu niramulla” and try to get a transalation for the lyrics.

If you do that, you know the state of mind when such a song comes to the lips. Oh yes, you may have to sing with that different name……

It’s There, I Can Confirm…… Wish For Participation……

5 thoughts on “It’s There, I Can Confirm…… Wish For Participation……

  1. Ah, finally!!!! I am happy for you😀. Wish the other one will also come through. 👍
    Just imagine a girl with the yellow color of konnappoo and the cheeks the size of Kunnikkuru! Hahaha😳

    Liked by 1 person

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