I should be busy packing…… But this analysis!!

This is time for me to concentrate on my exit formalities. With the bank and more so with the kuwait immigration. 

Interestingly both are equally difficult like the entry. There are others also. The cellphone has been changed from post paid to prepaid. If you think this is easy, let me tell you something different. Apparently I should have had one month remaining on my residency to convert to prepaid and I have only 28 days. 

But someone even on a short visit can get a prepaid based on passport. They just want to harass. So a colleague transferred my number to his new prepaid and I am here using the same number. Stupid la..

So I have to have the closure ceremony to undergo.

Then how come I am taking a new stock on who a real friend is.

I have just started with the first category. This category has just three people who took the trouble to block me on social media, presumably for different reasons.

Well, even if there’s genuine reason, a true friend has the ability to show true friendship. And if that’s not done, the trueness of the friendship is in question.

And I need to evaluate this pretence as all the three are supposed to be in the best friend category and included in socializing. 

My leaving is a chance to get a full stop, but that’s not going to be as they are Sunu’s friends too. 

But I can still take a stand. It’s okay even if its cheap on me, but hey, you’ve failed the test.

Even the stone says so……

Bad day, bad thought and bad expression. Resulting in bad mood.

But the rest of the friends can boost my mood. Just that I have to make extra efforts.

Sure I will…..

I should be busy packing…… But this analysis!!

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