Exit is Hard, But There Are Positives…..

Immigration office in Kuwait is perhaps the most crowded place one can find.

Sunu and I started early, well we thought we were early, but by the time we reached the Q to enter the office was around 300.

An Arabic speaking official from the Bank was supposed to be coming to help us out and make everything faster using Bank’s channels. 

Since I had taken all the papers from the bank with me, we decided to start the process.

Q matic is the crowd control method, but we didn’t know where and how to start. Finally with no Arabic from us and some broken English (meaning ha and no) from them, we managed to take the token and got called in due time.

Not knowing how to proceed I called the bank official, only to know that he has declared himself sick.

Then we made a strategic decision. We will try it ourselves.

The system in kuwait is for the employer to sponsor the employee (me) and then I get to sponsor wife, children etc based on eligibility under immigration rules.

As such I, as sponsor has to cancel Sunu’s first and then only bank can calcel mine.

I need so many pages to fill in if I have to describe how we went along and got the job fully completed in about 3 hours.

I must say that, polite and decent behavior and perseverance can achieve things. Then there’s my all time correct observation. Ladies in kuwait are smarter, efficient and confident to act by taking decisions.

Finally the work is done with movement up and down floors and in front of several counters.

It works..

We are now mostly set.

Exit is Hard, But There Are Positives…..

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