Stone……Law of Attraction Explained……

For the first time ever, after taking the stone from Aphrodite’s rock as per her instructions, I forgot to take the stone with me home from office. 

It’s a sign……

The clue is in the law of attraction. We all try to think positive as your predominant thought is given to you. That’s if you really want something, the universe will work overtime to get it for you. Wow.

Well, that then implies that if you entertain bad thoughts, then the same universe will work to get it for you.

Then it’s also true that if the other side of the stone ritual is giving you negative vibes, then the universe will respond to your corresponding negative thoughts and make the stone also to be uncorporative.

As an example, I mentioned that people who deliberately block you on social media inflict the most severe insult. And if you pretend to be oblivious of the fact, then the universe will make the stone to abide by the law of attraction and make it show you that you’re wasting your time on someone who is enjoying to continue insults.

Here the universe is all powerful and doesn’t matter if the stone is from Aphrodite herself.

As such it’s imperative that I find a proper opposite for the stone ritual.

Then you can restore the positive vibes of law of attraction through the stone.

The stone stayed in the office preventing the cleaner from throwing it away. That means the stone wants to be with me, but insists on me to be sensible and get a positive response.

Let me now attract positive vibes than get snubbed clinging on to a negative response.

I know now….. just invite the positive…..

Stone……Law of Attraction Explained……

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