Adhar……the Unique id is good…..

The internet dongle that I maintained for several years for internet on the move while visiting home, was canceled in January this year. The reason was poor speed, poor service and above all a don’t care attitude to complaints.

I had to pay them till the date they finally closed the service.

It’s not of relevance that the product is from the leading business house in India!! Or is it?

The result then is that I had to get internet the soonest. And there’s a service provider where everyone seems to be heading to these days.

Everything was normal and I selected the product with required features.

For many reasons now, subscribers are to be verified… thoroughly.

They just asked for Adhar and requested a fingerprint reading. 

Bang came everything that’s required on the screen. The account is safely and securely set-up, duly verified and authenticated.

This is good……

Adhar……the Unique id is good…..

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