Don’t Leave the Work…. i.e. If you can….

I got a message from a friend in the morning that she is leaving her job and will think about a new one after fulfilling a responsibility.

I feel quite sad, sad because I want my friends to be happy and doing well.

As usual, I offered assistance in finding a new job and even in her short term responsibility. That’s just normal as I am used to do that with a fair amount of success.

And it’s for sure, I am not going to abandon this friend…. But would have been more happy if she chose to continue the current one.

And during the short exchange of messages, I even said “if you stop working, you’ll die’.

That’s applicable to me also. That’s why I am open for another assignment and should look for one.

Till then, I have to keep myself busy. Assisting dear friends is part of activity.

Then what about routine habits and rituals?  

Speaking about rituals, the stone one is paramount. If nothing else, it helps to build trust and keep people closer.

It’s important to be playing. Like I always say, many are invited but few are chosen.

Be the one …..

Don’t Leave the Work…. i.e. If you can….

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