Of late, Instagram is my favorite place to interact with friends.

It’s a wonderful place where you meet some very interesting people.

To begin with, most participants are on a nick name selected by them. And here is one of the successes of the site. You get to know the person by the Instagram name.

You seek to follow those with such expressive names and you are not to be disappointed. The followed person turns out to be exactly to your vision.

Of course Instagram is a forum, mostly for photos. Here also you get amazed with the personality expressed in those photos.

I am very happy in being there. I met some very talented people here. Their work and expressions are worth the time spent in following them.

The most important thing is that, I don’t even know the real names of these wonderful friends. But we recognize each other and exchange warmth.

It’s a unique feeling. Every expression of appreciation, admiration and love is reciprocated without fail.

I love being here and I love the people I follow and those following me.

Just a disclaimer- there are celebrities with millions of followers. Perhaps one would avoid wasting time with them. I am talking here about real people with heart of gold.

And I will let it stay like that, though my heart yearns for knowing the absolute talents more intimately.

For, the friendship and love found in this anonymous world is priceless……


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