Setting Down……

Back home is fine, but there are many things to be taken care of.

Sunu, as usual is super efficient, but gets frustrated and finds solace in long conversations describing the horrid experience in getting things done.

I am, also as usual, pretend to be calm, but certain things are really frustrating.

There’s one thing, something like a miracle. My blood sugar reading used to break the ‘good control’ levels when in kuwait.

But it’s normal, back home.

It’s a miracle as sweet consumption goes up back home with so many of the traditional varieties to relish.

Then I am back to 80 nonstop laps in the pool. Perhaps I may not raise it to the 100 laps, instead would do some weights and planks in the gym.

And to the question ‘what next’ ….

Will go if someone calls……

Setting Down……

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