Friends…… & Categories

After your immediate family, friends are the most essential ingradiant to life.

Having said that, we find friends in many places- real and virtual.

Well, let me explain. The term virtual is not mine. I just put it here, because some of us call friends in Facebook, whatsapp, Instagram etc as virtual friends.

I really want to join these media, as quite a number of my close friends are of that category.

I have physical friends (not again my terminology but as against virtual) who are also friends in social media.

I have interacted, shared secrets and even fallen in love on these media where friends are stationed. 

Today I want to talk about a special category of friends. This special category is essentially found on the what it is called the fashion site….INSTAGRAM.

Here friends express through a photo, short video, selection of colors and even objects. Some use quotes to express.

The most important difference to other sites like whatsapp or Facebook is that you don’t necessarily have to know who your friend physically is. 

That’s the beauty. A number of my new friends are in this category. But our friendship is too real.

I suppose I could venture into trying to explain why this is special. 

For one, friends with assumed names generally speak their heart out….. things they don’t want to tell those who would then be criticizing.

So you listen to the heart and when you reciprocate from your heart, you then find a meeting place for pure hearts.

That’s then an experience.

I don’t know who really are the owners of the hearts that my heart met on Instagram this morning. But there’s a equally enthusiastic response from those hearts, though they don’t know who i am.

Show me another place where this is possible!!! And I will change my stand.

If not, jump in anonymously and look for friends of your heart. You may find me again there but you may not know that’s me.

Instagram…… a great place for hearts to meet and of course Where soulmates hide…..

Friends…… & Categories

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