Whose Stone is it Anyway?……

My stone is from Aphrodite, taken from her rock in Paphos, Cyprus. It was collected as per specific instructions from Aphrodite. As such it has a purpose.

A change in location is a change. But remember, here we are dealing with a goddess and location and distance should not be of relevance.

Then what do you call the attempts with Venus. Unfaithful!!!!

Aphrodite has put you in place, for you deserved it. That doesn’t mean the love and affection to the goddess has got altered. After all she is goddess of what!!!……

You must understand this. Not when you get rejected by Venus. So be ready for some more punishment. But believe that when you find your goddess, and you come under her spell, there’s no door to exit.

So relax and enjoy, the way you used to.

Of course, don’t forget what you have to do with the stone……

After all ‘Whose Stone Is It Anyway’ ……

Whose Stone is it Anyway?……

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