Fit for a King……

My favourite breakfast from memories. The Kerala Puttu and what we call ‘pani’. Pani is from fresh palm toddy. About 10 bottles of toddy boiled to yield one bottle of pani, which looks like honey but tastes much better. Olden days we had the sharing system and the owner of palm tree and tapper share toddy on alternate days. Now fresh toddy and hence pani are getting extinct. Thanks to my brother, I got a bottle. The accompaniment to this luxury is steamed Kerala banana, surgically operated to remove strings of seeds and added with pure homemade ghee and springle of sugar. Very special and luxuriously rare way of enjoying poottu. Yum……

Fit for a King……

3 thoughts on “Fit for a King……

    1. Chakkapazham and paani, pazham and paani all when paani was plenty. Now not even for avalosunda and churutt.
      Preserved for poott.
      Very difficult to get unadulterated paani


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