Kappa-Chakka Ela Ada…… Mallu’s Own……

Nothing can get more Mallu than this. For those who may wonder what mallu is… that’s what a Malayali from the state of Kerala in India is called.

Kappa (tapioca or kasava) and chakka (jackfruit) are perhaps the most traditional staple food for a mallu.

Ada is usually made of rice powder. Here, instead of rice powder, fresh kappa is used. Chakka varatti is the sweet filling. Ckakkapazham (ripe jackfruit) is cooked with some oil into a sweet coagulated paste with some grated coconut and spices like cardamom to make Chakka Varati.

The product

Cut off the skin of fresh kappa, wash well and grate into a paste like composition. Add a little salt and mix. Preparing chakka varati is a longer process and I used ready made Varati for today. (I have made it from scratch and even proceed further to make chakka undas in the past).
Wash banana leaves and cut to small sizes. Spread the kappa paste on the leaf and place the varati in the middle. Fold along with the banana leaf. 

Place the above folded items into a steamer (I used idly steamer) where adequate water is kept at the bottom for steaming.

Steam well for about 20 minutes and the mallu special kappa- chakka elayada is ready to relish. 

Believe me, this is so good 

Marks- 9/10

Kappa-Chakka Ela Ada…… Mallu’s Own……

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