Three Cities……

Liveability of a place is a personal choice. I just have been exposed to three cities in south India, that is Kochi, Bangalore and Chennai.

Interestingly the presence of good and interesting friends used to be a key factor, but it is not that important now. Of course, friends are very important but I am talking about friends present in the city.

The new age communications and even the connections that I now establish through the ‘Aphrodite Stone’ keep the distance out of the equation.

Then what could be a real criteria. Sunu thinks it’s the weather. In which case bangalore scores and she has clear preference for the city. I tend to agree when you are out in a place like Chennai.

But then Sunu likes Kuwait a lot. That’s not necessarily be due to good weather.

Why are we overlooking the pollution factor!! That should be a differentiator…

I am not trying to force a decision in favour of kochi, or perhaps I am.

But good weather is a factor.

And how about this solution……

Make kochi and bangalore home. Just sort out the commuting. Find some work in bangalore and be a modern planter in both the places. That is aeroponics, ultra high density Mango planting, and fruit trees.

Do I need to tell…… Chennai is not in the reckoning.

Some planning indeed……

Three Cities……

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