Good to be in company……

I have been writing here for quite sometime and with almost daily posts.

But most of my friends, well almost all of them were reading, if at all they were reading, from the email and I had no clue if anyone was with me.

Now that I have friends within the blog community, mutual support is evident and I can see some interest and support.

This gives an excellent feeling and I am quite excited to see how many views, likes and comments my posts get.

I wish my friends who glance through the email also join and more importantly, become bloggers.

It’s a good place and like I used to say, even soulmates hide here.

Some reason to come in and explore……

Good to be in company……

14 thoughts on “Good to be in company……

  1. tallulahbellesite says:

    Hi Kurian,

    Thank you for following my blog. India is one of the countries I have always wanted to visit so I look forward to reading more about your life in India.



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