It’s Important……

As long as one is comfortable with an act or a mere thought, it’s alright and there’s no need to be anxious as to whether others would approve it or not.

So it’s important that you are comfortable with your acts.

But to be comfortable, there’s one requirement. Your actions should not be at the expense of others. As long as you don’t hurt the person or persons involved in the actions, you can feel comfortable.

Sometimes your actions may not be acceptable to people close to the people you’re involved with. And here is the dilemma. Should you stop here.

Probably not……

Well here’s where one can play a little secretive. Do your happy things in private. And if this’s ok with the others sharing the happiness, you are not doing anything wrong.

For, being happy is the most important thing. And you know ‘be selfish to be happy’

Be happy……

It’s Important……

11 thoughts on “It’s Important……

  1. I would tend to disagree with you about being happy being most important. I know a lot of people believe that. I tend to think that being kind is more important. Of course, being kind makes me happy.

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