Just a Coincidence……

It’s just a coincidence, but was interesting.

I had an appointment for reissue of my passport as the pages were running over. Not sure of availability of a parking place at the ‘Passport Seva’ office, I decided to use Über.

The driver was a decent guy and I wanted to learn how people have accepted the revolution in transportation. And I gathered some good insights.

Like it’s for most people the passport seva experience was pleasant. There’s only one thing I would write to them to correct. There’s a feedback provision at the back of the paper sheet token for the Qmatic. There one has to write name, address, phone number and email including the application reference number before ticking the feedback.

Surprising for a fully online process for details and they can easily capture the applicants details from the records. That too since the feedback form is to be filled in at exit gate.

The entire passport process took just one hour and I got confirmation of passport delivery at home the following day as the application is under Tatkal (urgent/immediate).

The surprise is when I used über for the return. The same car and driver pulled up. 

Felt like having a chauffeur driven car……

Part of process for demonetisation of transportation……

Just a Coincidence……

11 thoughts on “Just a Coincidence……

      1. The rider here may perhaps be that positive energy attracts positive energy and negative energy attracts negative energy.
        If all of us manage to radiate positive energy, the world will be a better place.
        Not my own, but from readings on ‘The Secret’, laws of attraction and universe etc

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