I am in Good Company…..

I think i have sort of arrived in the blog community. I have met some very good talents and I’m enjoying their contributions.

The good thing about this lovely and practically closed community is that you don’t have to know everyone in person, know their phone numbers and have whatsapp connections.

But each one gets to know the other by their writing personality. And believe me, that is intense and intimate connection. Nowhere else one can find the group members supporting each other so much.

Again geographical barriers have no place here. For example, today I have connected with friends from over 10 countries. That’s just too good. Amazing.

I like it here and want to make all of you to like me and each other.

Thank you for accepting me ……

I am in Good Company…..

18 thoughts on “I am in Good Company…..

  1. Mary Kuriakose says:

    Kurian Jacob
    I am happy to read you blog.your sincere approach to friendship is great.I appreciate your feeling of friendship.
    Keep it up.
    With regards
    Mary Kuriakose

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  2. Well said Kurien! and it is the exact reason I’m here too. It’s always great to post stuff on Facebook and hunger for the likes and comments but I felt the need to not seek attention for a change and discovered this wonderful community of excellent crafters and creators.

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    1. I am in India now.
      Been an international banker based in India, Philippines, Hong Kong London and Kuwait.
      Now a freelance consultant based in Kochi in Kerala, india with work in bangalore also

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