I must do it now……

I have been toying with the idea of doing something related to my roots- farming.

Now I must do it…… and the inspiration is from a new blog friend who has posted an amazing item on green and trees etc. 

Hailing from a family in one of the most fertile part of Kerala and for that matter the country, I am privy to expert support.

But my ideas are different. I want innovation to go with tradition.

Briefly put the ideas are:-

1. Ultra High Density Mango Planting 

2. Aeroponics 

3. Exotic Fruits… Mangostine, Rambuttan, passion fruit, avocado etc 

4. Dwarf high yielding variety of coconut trees for virgin coconut oil production 

I am on it.

And thank you dear blog friend for giving me this required boost.

I hope you will read this and stay with me on this.

I hope to give you all periodic updates.

Nature is in focus……

I must do it now……

11 thoughts on “I must do it now……

  1. I have hauled out my map, so now I have a general idea of where you are located. The ideas are fascinating. I look forward to your endeavors. Historically, what was grown where you are thinking of planting?

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      1. Not exactly very near but about 700 kms I guess. My place is More South of India in the state of Kerala.
        By the way Kerala is popular touristic place and known as ‘God’s own country’
        It’s very green

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