A Milestone……

We live our lives rather routinely and those who are good parents, siblings, children, friends and citizens are considered successful.

Then something happens……

I am now talking about such a personal milestone.

I have been generally a good person, sometimes getting involved with people but always helpful and pleasant (I suppose).

Then I got to interact closely with an earlier acquaintance. That was a milestone.

This person introduced me to the book ‘secret’, law of attraction etc etc.

In fact it started with me assuming the role of a mentor, but soon the equation changed. Having mentored over 65 people, I suddenly realised the need to being guided. I thought it’s good to be dominated.

Such a person, if you meet, then become your best friend, coach, someone you don’t hesitate to share your secrets…… call it by any name… absolute liking, infactuation, love, soulmate etc.

One of my earlier posts ‘stone connection’ and every mention of the stone and even the profile picture are outcomes of the milestone.

And believe me, when you follow the instructions with the stone completely, you don’t need to have any other communication channels. No Facebook, no whatsapp, no nothing else.

Does this sound unreal? 

Well, i have said i am a dreamer, Walter Mitty as alter ego……

The milestone changed me positively…… and allows me to be the dreamer……

A Milestone……

9 thoughts on “A Milestone……

    1. When you daydream like Walter Mitty, you are always the hero. That’s when someone comes in and guides you through normal life.
      But a dreamer is always a dreamer and Walter Mitty takes back control.
      Just to give a glimpse that both avatars are built in and that can be interesting.
      Sorry if this is not explained clear.

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    1. True. Though I have been on the other side, that’s a mentor, I can agree fully.
      At the same time I have become a mentee to one of my mentees.
      By the way would get back to mentor role for someone interested

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