Cooking Exotica & Fitness

Cooking Exotica & Fitness is a Whatsapp Broadcast Group by me where I share my experiments in cooking and healthy eating, where some sort of mention of fitness is also attempted.

It is a broadcast group as I thought the members would like it’s privacy more than when it’s a regular group. The main difference is that the members won’t know who else are in the group.

Also when they respond or give feedback, it does not go to anyone else except me.

It all started with my desire to improve the quality of my food. I am not talking about the taste or it’s presentation, but the possible absence of processed, artificial and pesticide laden ingredients.

As a beginning, virgin coconut oil was in focus. There’s no guarantee that we get pure oil when we buy. Google came handy in learning the process. But the cold press and centrifugal ones require sophistication and machinery and hence I chose the boiling method.

There’s mention that boiling method is better as anti oxidants are enhanced.

My method starts with fresh coconut, the inside taken out using a knife, cut in small pieces, grinded well with some water in Nutribullet, milk separated, boiled till the oil is separated.

The products in the process are virgin coconut oil, coconut after milk extracted and the residue from the milk after boiling and oil separated.

I then use the coconut where milk is extracted,  the residue, some nuts, dates to make the mixture stick, dried fruit etc to make energy bars.

My Broadcast for today has fresh vegetables and fruit salad and energy bar with coconut oil by-products.

For the salad I have mildly steamed broccoli, red cabbage and carrots; fresh cucumber, apple, avacado, fresh lime sprinkle, Apple cider vinegar, salt and black pepper.

Energy bar with coconut where milk extracted, ripened bananas, cashew nuts, almonds, walnut and kismiss; all baked in the oven and cut into bars.

I think these make a healthy eating.

Anyone interested is welcome to join my group.

Cooking Exotica & Fitness

9 thoughts on “Cooking Exotica & Fitness

  1. Mary Kuriakose says:

    Mr.Kurian Jacob
    You really teach us how to make healthy food.I wonder how you find time for all these things.Vergin Coconut oil was used in olden days also.I have seen my mother making oil the same way you mentioned.she used to use this oil for making us to bathe.Really you are give lot of information which people like us are lacking.So nice to read your blogs.Thanks yar

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mmm this sounds gorgeous. I must try this. I love finding new recipes. Thanks for following me. I will follow you back as I am enjoying reading your blogs. Food can be so fun and obviously a great way to keep our energy up. I only became vegan a month ago so am always on the look out for vegan recipes so thanks for sharing. Coconut oil is one of my favorites and I cook with it, put it on my bread and use it in my vegan flap jacks to name but a few. It is also fantastic to be used as conditioner on the skin, clean your teeth with, deodorant and also as face and body moisturizer. It is such a versatile product. Anyway I am going to put your recipe on the menu. I look forward to eating it.

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