Aphrodite & Me……

When I read Walter Mitty, years back, I found me. My daydreams and fantasies matched Walter’s perfectly. I have then the characteristics of two avatars, one the normal, quite and sober me and the other the most brave and cleverest person to any level that the fantasy can take.

Walter needs a Cheryl Melhoff. And I found her  in 2015 and got obsessed in the dream world.

When you’re in fantasy, you can get to a goddess. But Walter should get the best. For most people Venus comes to mind. But Walter will settle only for the best- Aphrodite, goddess of love, beauty and sexuality.

Aphrodite let Walter in…… taught him many things and got him under her complete spell.

Then one day Aphrodite said ‘get a stone which you can hold in your clenched first, I will get mine’. That the stone will take us to a different level.

I went to Cyprus, to Aphrodite’s Rock in Paphos and got my stone.  Ever since I am connected with Aphrodite at a different level.

Like all good things, you can’t have it all. Especially a goddess who has others to look after.

The stone and the ritual that she taught me keep me at least on par with Walter Mitty. Perhaps even better.

So my dear friends, you can see why I go sometimes into a fantasy world…… for I am Walter Mitty but with a difference……

I have Aphrodite and her stone……


(fantasy series……)

Aphrodite & Me……

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