Watched ‘Escape from Alcatraz’ yet again, thanks to Netflix. Interestingly the movie selection is much more here in Kochi, India, compared to what I remember we had in Kuwait on the same account.

Work of a censor scissor, I wonder……

Clint Eastwood perhaps had the best performance in the movie, though much of the tight lipped punch lines came later. Like that of ‘style mannan’ super star Rajnikant.

This time around, the home theatre experience is better as the internet provider BSNL brought fibre right into the last mile, to the house. The streaming is now free of the buffering irritation (touchwood).

For friends who would spend time with Netflix, I have a recommendation. It’s a black & white Malayalam movie ‘Ottal’. And you’ll agree that the low cost ($50,000) movie is something worth the time.

Netflix and YouTube with high speed wifi give plenty of entertainment opportunities. However there’s work to do, before I relax.

And most importantly, I find spending time with you lovely friends, reading your super quality talents, most rewarding and interesting.

Remember, this’s without any personal knowledge of most of you in person. And a best friend feeling is found in plenty.

Thank you ‘WordPress’, thank you friends. The experience is amazing.

Just Priceless……



8 thoughts on “Netflix……

    1. Hello Carrie, good morning.
      The problem in most cases is the last mile. Fibre cables could be upto the house junction point and cabling into the room or onto wifi router could be copper, downgrading the speed to some small number of Mbps.
      Could be.. I don’t know.
      Nice meeting you. Take care

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      1. I have no idea, I do know though it’s common over here for people to complain no matter which company you use, seems they all have issues at one point or another.

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