Mansoon Delights……

There was a cool breeze, like in Bangalore, when I went into the backwater facing balcony yesterday morning . Clearly rains were around and the strong breeze brought it forward.

The heavy shower lasted for sometime. Of late the breather after rain brought the weather and it’s appearance different from the typical Kerala mansoon of the yester years.

But it was different yesterday. The heavy shower was followed by drizzling, keeping it cool and wet….. like in the old times.

This is the best experience in Kerala. The rainy wet day when being lazy is an option. But there are other things one can do.

The best among them is to get into the heavy showers and play with friends. Given the right environment and company, age I don’t think is a differentiator.

Or you can go for a swim in the river and fight the strong current to progress upwards.

Driving around the interior countryside with its good roads and green canopy is priceless.

Sometimes people decide to get together for sessions of playing cards. A few drinks around is desirable. And for teetotallers like me, the hot quality food would compensate, as getting together is what matters.

Occasionally the floods engulf some town areas and roads. The college days had us swimming from the hostel to the nearby town.

The rains lasted half a day (used to be a few days together in olden days). And I hope to see a few more of these real rainy days.


Mansoon Delights……

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