Sleep Measuring……

I moved from Fitbit to Apple Watch for the glamour, though the sleep quality measurement was missing.

The solution was through Apps from the AppStore ‘HeartWatch’ and ‘Cardiogram’. Cardiogram has a tie-up with University of Southern California for a research and I promptly joined in. That gets each and every of my heartbeat transmitted online to the big data analytics of the research program. See, we can participate in good causes while doing personal things.

I have my Apple Watch on my wrist logged on to the sleep measuring feature when I go to bed. I have been observing my waking heartbeat at a healthy average of about 55 but a bit concerned about not meeting (sometimes with a good margin) my target of 7 hours of sleep.

The last few days were busy with guests staying over and wedding etc resulting in a shortage of regular exercise. So I hit the gym yesterday for over an hour for resistance and floor exercises. And I did my regular swim but reduced (slightly) to 70 non-stop laps instead of the regular 80 in the 20 meter pool.

I was truly and rightly tiered and managed to go to bed at 9.58 pm.  There was a bit of disruption at midnight when the unseasonal thunder got my wife disturbed and asked whether she should switch off the TV, Fridge etc. I don’t know whether she did for I was really tired.

Morning I woke up a few minutes past 6 and realised that I was in bed for more than 8 hours after a very long time.

Here are the key items in the Apple Watch reading:

Regular Heartbeat- Average 62, minimum 55, highest 68 (this is for the full day)

Waking heartbeat- 50

Sleeping Heartbeat- Average for the 8 hours 64, minimum 49, maximum 112 (this high was just 9 minutes into sleep, did I see a bad or was it an exciting dream?).

Sleep recharge based on the 7 hour target- 88%. Interestingly the Watch program measures actual sleep based on movement analysis.

But quality of sleep is measured @ 65%.


Sleep Measuring……

5 thoughts on “Sleep Measuring……

  1. This is amusing to read. Many people at my gym are very interested in their sleep and, like you, measure it. I have no interest in it at all, figuring now that I am retired I wake up when my body thinks it is rested, and let it go at that.

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