The Coach……

One of my favourite bosses has a saying ‘we train animals and coach people’. While giving business presentations, we were cautious not to use training, instead to say coaching or education.

That’s what happened with my coach. Actually I met her and assumed the role of mentor. But soon I realised the inner strength of the mentee and swiftly the transformation in reverse took place.

As a start she gave tips on working out and the adaptation showed changes in me. Naturally I called her my trainer. The response was ‘no I am the coach’.

The coach then introduced me to ‘the secret’ law of attraction, that happiness is the most important and the extreme ‘it’s ok to be selfish to be happy’

Recently I read a Facebook post that one falls in love three times in a lifetime. Well, my friends used to say that I am of a category who falls in love, say three times while on a short walk.

But the forward must be talking of true love. Of course you can’t be falling in three true loves in a short walk.

Well then it’s a relief that you can do it three times. Put it this way, happiness is most desired and you’re happy when in love. So the opportunity for us to be happy is enhanced three times. That’s a relief.

The rider here is that you have to believe that all the three true loves are not mutually exclusive. Otherwise, there’s no fun.

Don’t read me wrong, I am not ridiculing love per se. But perhaps you also will be relieved that the two or three you have is normal and not your fault. Others, please excuse.

Then why am I bringing this up when the subject is my coach?

Well, well; no kidding me……

The Coach……

14 thoughts on “The Coach……

  1. Interesting. I kinda like the idea of three true loves. This number as already a special meaning to me. But in my everyday life, I try to fall in love with as many things as possible. It is in all those littles things I believe we find our happiness. Nice post.

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    1. Thank you.
      I see the 3 in name and obviously put with a reason.
      True, the little small things are the lifeline.
      By the way, good to read ‘God of Small Things’ by Arundhati Roy if you haven’t yet. It won her the Man Bookers.
      It’s talking about the story in my village

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    1. Pratima, I am so happy you liked the post. The coach taught me how to take love to a different level. We have a stone to do that.
      This stone connection and ritual is so magical that one should experience it. It’s so intense ❤️

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  2. Very interesting post. And yes being in love brings the best in us.. whatever be the age.. . The most happiest period is the falling in love period…. i am always simply in love the concept of falling in love than love itself….it’s simply lovely….

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