Different Views…… And Interesting……

It was in a function last evening that I met this educationist who founded a college specialising in clinical psychology.

We clicked, when a casual conversation went on to the time when St. Thomas landed in Kerala in AD 52.

The person holds three doctorates and one of them is in Holistic Yoga. According to him he’s the only PHD on the subject from india and he acquired it from University of California in Berkeley.

He is to meet the Prime Minister of India in three weeks time on the subject.

The most striking part of the discussion was on holistic yoga. Here it’s not only the exercise, diet and various yoga positions that is in focus, but the management of what is like a lifestyle.

He claims that medicines and accompanied diet and exercise are not the most effective healer, but it’s how you respond to the nature.

When you are one with the nature, the medical readings will come to normal.

As a simple example, when you do something, which you like and you get involved fully in it with passion, then you are one with nature and your health- medical, physical and mental will improve.

Perhaps I have some experience in this. When you work for money, you won’t get this passion and just remember the medical indicators like BP, blood sugar, lipids etc.

And consider doing something which you really like and get fully involved in it. Let the routines like diet, workout etc be same. The medical readings get to normal or better. I have a certification to give here.

We also discussed some other subjects, most important were on sex lives of people and the concept of equality. Perhaps this is not the right forum to discuss, but the information gathered were exceptional.

For example on equality, he says 50:50 is not correct. It’s 100% each. Men has a 100% role and women another 100% of their own. Make it 50%_50%, then the game is lost.

I am sure to meet this person again……

Different Views…… And Interesting……

9 thoughts on “Different Views…… And Interesting……

    1. It’s interesting isn’t it. His take is that, though 50+50 is 100, it can be two 50s of the same side. Though 100 plus 100 is 200, since 100% is the real full 100 plus 100 is still 100% (this one is mine)

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  1. Nice post.” How you respond to nature” , so right it is.It is kind of new but very true thing.Thats right when we do things we are interested in ,our mental health will obviously be good.

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    1. Thank you. I am glad you liked the concept. Clearly that’s a great support as I look forward to your feedback.
      I am going to explore this further. Not sure of how I will do it or whether it will be a success. But something tells me that there will be something good.
      I will share experiences

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