Blog Awards……

I have been nominated for blog awards by at least two of my friends here. I am grateful for the love and affection shown in such a nice gesture.

First of all, let me apologise to them as I have not done the required actions associated with the nominations. I have not even thanked them properly and now don’t know how to get to those messages carrying the nomination details.

That is precisely the point, I have not really understood the website well enough to get such required information. Clearly I am not ready for any achievements or awards.

Please, those who have nominated me, don’t get annoyed with my actions of not fulfilling the requirements. I hope to be a bit better in handling the site and reach the level of expertise of my friends and then consider offering myself for accolades.

Having said that, let me assure my dear friends that being here and reading your posts give me perfect satisfaction and happiness. This indeed is the first place I look for details of my friends’ activities and also to see how my humble posts are received by you.

I am thrilled to see you visiting my site, liking what I say and commenting on them. The pleasure is mine.

I am still amateur here, learning the ropes but seeking your abundant love and affection and blessings and willing to give whatever assistance that I can give my friends in their blog activities.

Success in this endeavour is my award. Achieving it gives the happiness and then I could consider myself fit for an award.

Thank you all 💓

Blog Awards……

7 thoughts on “Blog Awards……

  1. Hi …I I totally understand your feelings. This humble post proves you are a gem of person & knows exactly what you want.  I wish you achieve all your goals in life & get everything whatever your heart desires.

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