The Pleasure of Company of Unknown……

First a rejoinder, I know I am not correct in saying that we are ‘unknown’, Literally yes, many of us don’t know each other.

However, this is the company I am yearning for. The first thing I do when I get up sleepless early in the morning is to visit my friends here. Like today, sleepless at 3.45 AM I am here to be among the best of friends.

Perhaps its is crazy. How can one talk to and look for another person/s without knowing who they are, and be passionate about it?

I have an answer, I am a dreamer, I am like Walter Mitty. Then one of the best in this precious company said that we are all dreamers and without dreams we are not alive.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not sounding desperate, not at all. But the pleasure in talking to friends and support them in their expressions and making them feel wanted is the duty of a friend.

It is priceless when one does that without expecting any personal gains or rewards.

This then is possible when many of us don’t know each other and want to keep it that way. We can hurt a person only when we know that person (like knowing the address, phone number, and other personal things that are not real knowing).

The real knowing of a person is finding the visions, passions, mind and heart. These are possible when we read what the person is writing or the pictures that the person is sharing with us or the sincere book reviews, or the news being highlighted.

Now looking from this or personal side, we look for how many of our friends look at yours, how many likes and how many comments.

That is where the pleasure is optimised

And clearly no one is disappointed.

All are invited and all are chosen. That’s then unique, for we are special

Thank you special friends ……

The Pleasure of Company of Unknown……

26 thoughts on “The Pleasure of Company of Unknown……

    1. I am so happy you also feel the way I feel.
      In fact I find your response and mere presence gives me a very happy feeling. I feel so close though I don’t even know you and you me.
      I have not seen this anywhere else.
      For the friendship 👍


  1. Wow, you just made your followers feel like they’re the best friends out there in the world 🙂 What does that say about you? It says that you are a true friend who values relationships and encourages goodness and bonhomie. I’m so glad to make your acquaintance 🙂

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  2. Wonderful. It’s one heck of the best thing I encountered on the Internet. Though we all are unknown to each other, surely there is a connection (One I could find here is that We all are a part of Blogger Family 🙂 )
    This post is really a sweet gesture of love 🙂

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    1. Absolutely Pragalbha, I stand corrected. This is the best way of knowing, better than in other circumstances. Knowing each other through what they think, feel, the passionate things. Voices from heart and mind, Indeed a wonderful place. I am happy to be here and writing this now

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  3. How true your words rang in my ears. Yes in a short time all of us are somehow interconnected in ways which would have taken years if probably we had a chance to meet in person.
    Thank you KJ for making us realise there is a special bond between the bloggers as they blog and post their innermost soul matters.

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