Bucket List…… Lines Becoming Clearer……

I have it in the Bucket List, but had some doubts about scoring it off. But it may happen as i think there’s a sign……

Before also something happened positively. A very versatile person, someone who I adore, and a famous book reviewer, agreed to review my book. 

I am talking about my book in the list……

I ordered a book by a first time author who went to school with a close friend of mine. Her book is about supernatural beings but the heroine is an Yakshi (the Malayalee female ghost) who assumes the most beautiful and seductive form at night to attract young men, seduce them and drink their blood.

She gets one possible victim, but didn’t take secrets from him, drink his blood and kill him.

The sign I am talking about is that the reason the young man escaped is the stone he was wearing. And those who remember my posts, the stone is at the centre of my dream stories.

Me, a self proclaimed Walter Mitty, the profound daydreamer fell in love with Appropriate, obeyed her instructions, went to her Rock in Cyprus and got the stone……

Here’s is the stone connection and the sign that a book can happen. After all, Arundhati Roy wrote about ‘Gods’ Small Things’ around the river in my place for the Bookers’.

Unlike my friend’s friend’s book, mine would not be about yakshi, though she is also beautiful. But I have goddess Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, love and sexuality and her stone and the rituals taught by her……

Actually I am itching to score off this item from the bucket list, but it’s still a struggle and need all the efforts. But a dreamer can see a successful product…… some advantage of a dreamer……

(This post comes under the dream series, but there will be an effort towards reality……)

Bucket List…… Lines Becoming Clearer……

9 thoughts on “Bucket List…… Lines Becoming Clearer……

      1. Thank you again Vidya for such lovely and valuable feedback.
        And you know what, blog site with many good friends and personal identity practically protected, perhaps encourages us to be freer and not bogged down with obligations etc. That’s why I love it here ❤️

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