Back to Basics……

Having received no response to my dream series fun plan for the stone ritual, I used quite some time yesterday to make virgin coconut oil.

I have been a fan of coconut oil and the recent revelation that it’s ‘the’ super food is music to my ears.

Then all the stories about purified industrial oil with flavouring as adulteration to make any oil emerged. A research on how to make virgin coconut oil followed, and I use the third of the cold press, centrifugal and boiling methods.

Though people raise eyebrows on boiling method, researchers say the antioxidants are actually enhanced in boiling method. It’s a catalyst but the real reason is that it’s one which you can do without sophisticated machinery. When my plans of planting coconut trees materialise, I may install a small scale unit.

The picture below is output from 8 fresh coconuts. The left over of coconut after milk extraction is used for making what I call energy bars, with dates, nuts fruits etc. And the same made using the milk residue after oil is separated, I call them luxury bars.

I drink a table spoon of virgin oil every day. It’s my moisturiser and body lubricant. However I use normal coconut oil from the store for oil pulling.

Please google for benefits of virgin coconut oil to understand the trouble in making it and the passion in using it. Incidentally this has replaced the virgin olive oil for salads and other dressing.

(Still waiting for a couple of stone ritual partners in the ‘dream series’. The email: intimation/enrolment ensures absolute privacy. The universe is powerful and more so in a dream world).

Back to Basics……

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