Rainy Kerala……

We had some very heavy rains all over the state. Like I mentioned here many times, Kerala is at her beautiful best when it’s raining. 

Water levels rose and flooded low lying areas but it goes away without much of a damage. At the same time the benefits the rain brings are also enormous.

We have our own Niagra or Victoria waterfall when it rains. Athirapally is at her beautiful fury in heavy rains. 

My own river in Thidanad was flooded. But the rapid will take the water down as soon as the rains are over. The water rose so high that I have to rase the boundary wall by another foot from the recently finished raising by 2 1/2 feet to take care of the raised water level after the check dam.

Remember I am to plant exotic fruit and spice trees here.

It’s time to go to Thidanad and swim in the river……

The waterfront of my Kochi apartment in Uparika Malika stays mostly unaffected. The 800 metre wide and flowing water body is always full as it’s the backwaters to the mighty sea. 

Unique phenomenon is that water flows in opposite directions depending on the high tide and low tide. During low tide water from Vembanad lake flows towards the sea. And during high tide the sea pushes into the lake, both the phenomenon in a measured majestic and calm manner.

And dear friends, when you plan to visit me, the ideal time is rainy season and I will give you my IKEA relaxing chair for a peaceful absorption of the beauty ❤️……

Rainy Kerala……

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