A Rare Click…… Woodpeckers 

I am not a professional or trained photographer. But this click is giving me a lot of satisfaction. This was a few years back, but I have been trying to get these two beauties before and after this also.

Woodpeckers are perhaps the most beautiful of the birds seen around here. And these two elusive ones are living somewhere within our compound. The problem has been that they never pose for a photograph.

They come on this coconut tree outside our balcony but usually position themselves at the opposite side to me as if they are to enjoy the backwater view, but actually were hiding from me.

Finally I got them, both of them posing for the camera. Priceless……

A Rare Click…… Woodpeckers 

18 thoughts on “A Rare Click…… Woodpeckers 

    1. Woodpeckers of my childhood looked exactly like this but bigger. I think they are adjusting to the reduced number of wood 😉
      And we used to have smaller woodpecker varieties and in a range of variable colours


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