A Log Cabin in Thidanad……

The dream of growing exotic fruits and spices adopting modern cultivation technology has some side effects…… well some positive side effects. 

One such important side effect is the idea to construct a log cabin in the land. It may look to be the fulfilment of the need to have a weekend holiday home in the orchard, but raises other opportunities. 

For a background, I am invoking the plan to get friends involved. They pay a small fee to own the tree of their choice, for example a mango tree. The costing will be a proportionate share of the planting cost without including the major component of the cost, the cost of land.

And that makes the participant investment quite attractive. The annual recurring cost will be the nominal maintenance cost.

What’s on offer is the ownership of the fruits or spices harvested from the tree. Since the idea has a clear focus on Friends gathering and visiting, ideally at the harvest time, an accommodation built is a requirement.

Log cabin is novel in this part of the world and could then become a ‘homestay’. That’s business then and why not? There are enough attractions and activities here to ensure repeat visits from tourists. 

An idea can then take care of so many things. 

What an idea?!?!……

A Log Cabin in Thidanad……

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