500 Followers……In the Company of 500 Greats..

I am just told that I have 500 followers here! Wow!!

When I started blogging, it was as a result of genuine appreciation of a friend who is a blogger.

That’s the time when I got inspired by my coach, whose inner strengths amazed me. I realised a genuine need in me to be dominated.

Perhaps it was that I was something like a born leader, and perhaps that everyone, including leaders, has also a need to be led.

Now my coach is not physically with me, but what I learned from her is guiding me.

And I practice many of them here. Except perhaps one controversial thing ‘living in my dream world’. And to the credit of my coach, she said ‘NO’.

I lost something here, trying to live in that world and I stopped.

Now I am enjoying following 500 great bloggers. So a clear and natural correction is that I have 500 greats agreeing to lead me. For I am their happy and sincere follower. I love you all.

I have messages from quite a few that I am nominated for some award. With a clear and evident desire to be a follower, such awards may not be right. That and a self made ignorance of how to fulfill the nomination requirements resulted in my not fulfilling the requirements.

So apologies to my great bloggers for not completing what you asked me to do.

Other than that I am the proud follower of you 500. Keep leading me and looking after me.

Thank You Coach …… thank you my great bloggers.


500 Followers……In the Company of 500 Greats..

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