Air Fryer……For Healthy Cooking.

Avoiding fried food for health reasons is perhaps not a fully satisfying practice. That’s when we heard about the Air Fryers and made a mental note to acquire one.

Like in many of the things, we probably forgot about it.

Till a few days back, when I was checking my card account with Standard Chartered Bank (I must say that I started the card business for the bank in a few countries including India), I noticed that the rewards points in my credit could get me an Air Fryer and promptly placed the order.

It arrived promptly within a few days yesterday.

Now we can have some fried items in the menu without much of a guilt feeling.

Purple it is! But you don’t get a choice when you get it free..

So it has to find a place in my wife’s designed kitchen.

She’s yet to comment, as she was busy going through Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipes which accompanied the package.

Probably it will go inside the storage and surface only when required.

But purple is royalty…… and the queen may accommodate……

Air Fryer……For Healthy Cooking.

19 thoughts on “Air Fryer……For Healthy Cooking.

    1. Yes Khusnuma. Lovely purple it is. Just that it’s in total contrast to my wife’s kitchen. For the time being she’s excited about the product. And agree with me that you can’t choose something coming free 😊

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