Customer Need Not be King, but Service Staff is NOT……


This video doesn’t exist

The video shows a badly behaving airline passenger getting manhandled by airline staff. The video is viral on social media and there are debates as to who is at fault.

The airline is the fastest growing among the india based airlines and has been in the news when world badminton player PV Sindhu went public complaining about rude behaviour of this airline’s ground staff. Just a few days before this incident shown above.

The airline published an apology saying one of their staff misbehaved with the passenger.

I have an objection here. I don’t condone the passenger behaviour, but the assault to me is like an attack by the airline mob, coming close to a lynching.

Apparently the video is by one of the airline staff and the news is that he was the first to be sacked by the airline. If true ‘kill the messenger’!

Clearly there’s a lack of training which is the effect of a super fast growth. I don’t know if the calls to boycott the airline is a knee jerk reaction, but at this moment I am in.

We have any number of law enforcement officers in airports and what the airline staff is doing is taking law in own hand instead of getting law enforcement to act.

After all the passenger was trying to get inside the bus and not the aircraft and none of the co-passengers appear to be in danger or afraid.

The employee reaction could be termed as human by a person temporarily annoyed with what it looks a verbal confrontation. But a mob attack!!!!!!

Be afraid…… be very afraid..

Customer Need Not be King, but Service Staff is NOT……

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