Service Sector and Training……

We read horror stories on service every day and are subjected to some personal unpleasant experiences every now and then.

I have mentioned in some of my earlier posts that absence of proper training is the root cause and problem.

Coming from the banking sector, I am particularly annoyed every time I get a careless and often faulty service from banks. 

Unfortunately I have one or more very bad experiences from the numerous banks I deal with. It’s numerous because I have a to sometimes oblige due to professional connections.

And I must admit that I have become something like ‘the worst nightmare’ for many of them who are tasked to service my accounts.

I got a request for account from a staff who is working with me whose wife just got into one of the leading banks in india. I didn’t have account in this bank though I am a happy shareholder of the group accounting for about 40% of my shares value. The bank incidentally has the largest market capitalisation in Indian stock exchange.

I filled up the forms and I got a call that the trainee employee of the bank would come in the evening with the account kit which included the instantly issued debit card.

I am used to instant issuance but what impressed me was the apparent good training practice of the bank. The girl getting trained as cashier in the bank tried cross selling at least seven relevant products, offering initial discounts and incentives. And for a new trainee she appeared quite knowledgeable in products. This is done politely and while completing the short duration of kit handover and acknowledgement. Good training is clearly evident.

I remembered what one of my group bosses in Standard Chartered gave as as motto ” You must be selling; and if you’re not selling, you must be helping”.

Service Sector and Training……

8 thoughts on “Service Sector and Training……

  1. Very true Sir. Service and after sales service etiquette certainly needs a great level of polish in India through training. Things are taken for granted. But i do find that some of the private banks are taking up this seriously and ensuring a repeat customer. But the larger service supplier population needs to wake up and not take things for granted.

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  2. Very true … good approach of the staff regardless of the Sector makes interaction pleasant and of course transparent…. and I know how is the growing need of up selling for a better sustainability of any operation…. It reminded me of my working days and processes and sometimes forced push 😂☺️

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