Parippu Vada (Dal Vada)…… Kerala’a Popular Snack.

Parippu Vada with Palayamkodan Pazham (a banana variety in Kerala) is a popular tea time snack for the common man in Kerala.

In rural villages, the combination is enjoyed with a glass of Kattan Kappi (black coffee from freshly ground locally grown coffee beans). When the coffee is to be sweetened, its not the refined sugar that is used, but the healthy Karuppatty Chakkara (black palm jaggery) is grated and mixed.

I had Palayamkodan pazham at home and decided to make the Vada the healthy way on the Air Fryer.

A friend asked if we get the same taste as the ones deep fried in oil!

It doesn’t! Frying in coconut oil, as all the frying in Kerala, has the corresponding unique taste.

Then, can anyone guarantee that the frying oil is not reused over and over again in Chayakkadas (local tea/ coffee shops)!

And for that matter, how many have the heart to throw away a good quantity of oil, remaining after the frying?

There is a clear danger of deep fried food in reused oil.


Parippu Vada (Dal Vada)…… Kerala’a Popular Snack.

9 thoughts on “Parippu Vada (Dal Vada)…… Kerala’a Popular Snack.

  1. PS says:

    I feel the same that by using air fryer you might not get the same taste. Tht’s why I am hesitant to buy a new one. In today’s life everyone wants healthy dishes without or less oil but somehow the taste are compromised.

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