I enjoy assisting people with their studies, career, structuring their resume and sharing experiences with them.

I have now over 65 of such mentees, ranging from students, job seekers, mid-career executives, professionals and journalists.

Interestingly it’s from the very young, students that I have learned maximum while engaging in intellectual exchanges.

The first mentee was a relation/ student, whose mother requested me to help her with her campus recruitment process.

That’s when I learned that the youngsters have a lot of inner strengths and wisdom and when put in bullets can make a resume ‘wow’. More than a mentee I got a precious friend.

She then asked me if I could assist a friend of hers who was studying in USA, and you know what! I adopted her CV style henceforth.

A number of seniors benefitted from this youngster’s design.

That’s the reason why I am so excited with my new mentee, a student with very high caliber and clear thoughts. The success of the subject that I am mentoring her is now taken for granted.

But my excitement is on the prospect of my learning from the wisdom of this youngster.


6 thoughts on “Mentoring……

  1. Sir, the youth of today is quite energetic innovative and intellect. No doubt the multi tasks, evolving in digital world has groomed them into what they are, it certainly does make interesting to be in their company. There is something to be learnt from them and also give them back in return which is what the mentoring touch of a senior would be needed. Else they will end up being robots without a proper direction – jack of all trades master of none.

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  2. I agree with you…We can learn a lot from everybody including youngsters as long as we are willing to. Most people think it’s below them to learn from somebody younger. It’s nice to know you’re enjoying the learning process while mentoring them.

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