Life Expectancy and Kerala Women……

The life expectancy recorded for kerala women is higher than that of US and most of Europe.

And naturally much higher to other parts of the country.

Interestingly this nearly 80 years is over 6 years higher than the Kerala men.

There then should be a reason for this 6 year difference, considering that other factors like environment and food are same or similar.

Except something which recently was mentioned as healthy and unique.

Yes, it’s unique to the women. Regular bathing is inherent to a Malayalee. And the women apply coconut oil on the hair/head before bathing.

And after bathing and washing the hair thoroughly, they use the towel to tie the moist hair around the head.

The wet towel and hair is kept intact while the lady moves around with the morning daily chores.

My vote is for this ‘ayurvedically’ justified practice to achieve world beating numbers in life expectancy.

A good point indeed……

Life Expectancy and Kerala Women……

2 thoughts on “Life Expectancy and Kerala Women……

  1. This is very true! Take it from a malayalee girl, who practices this same treatment, not everyday (I wish) but at least every month! My mother and grandmothers follow this practice (normally in the evenings for us) and I know, at least for me, it helps me feel fresh and relaxed. And as for increasing life-expectancy, I’m not 100% sure of that, but my great-grandmothers lived to be 86 and 100, and both my ammachis are still alive, so it might be true! Thank you for sharing!

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