Why Do We Crave for Sweets……?

I was reading a book which sort of explains why we gorge on ice creams and the like, when we see them.

It says that it’s all genetically decreed. Ancient men coming across sweet fruits and honey don’t waste any time but consume as much as possible in a hurry.

Those genes are on work even now. In our times when we get people over for short visits, we serve mostly sweets and we know that the guests will be overjoyed in finishing them off.

But we have stray cases of people who genuinely don’t like sweets. Perhaps their line of ancestors would have come across something they thought disgusting in the honey and sweet fruits. Like a ugly looking worm in the fruit and badly smelling contamination in the shell in which honey is collected.

The book also suggests why modern youth drive crazily and die, or hack and burn a fellow human being and pose for attention. Ancient times youth venture into forest and chase after the fiercest animals and were desperate for the biggest kill to secure the hands of the most beautiful girl.

Apparently the genetic decree in humans and animals are the same. Animals have the knack of identifying and consuming antidotes from nature to any ill effects of excessive sweets and other consumption. Similarly in animal kingdom, there’s an order and we can hope for some order in the human world also.

Why Do We Crave for Sweets……?

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