I was trying to make the X’Mas greeting process simple by creating a whatsapp group of contacts so that a greeting message could be sent to the group.

I had Broadcast Group in mind so that group members will not get to know the other person in the group.

And by mistake I created a regular group with group name ‘greetings’

Then it started. I began getting messages of greetings and ‘thank yous’ back. And some started exiting the group.

I panicked and left the group myself and went ahead and deleted the group.

There’s the blooper. After doing this wrong thing only, I used the help function to see how I could get the group removed from everybody! I had to delete each of the 256 and then leave the group and delete it.

When the admin leaves, whatsapp allocates admin status to one of the group members at random. I thought I could get the admin friend to go ahead and delete the others and exit.

But the random selection was bang-on with my ex-boss getting selected. What precision!!!!

So I created a broadcast group of the same members and sent an apology broadcast message.

There’s a saying in Malayalam ‘sheeramullorakitin chuvattilum, chora thanne kothikinu kowthukam’. Which talks about a cow and mosquito, saying that even in the udder full of milk, mosquito is interested in blood.

Bang on, I got maximum immediate responses to the apology as if the blooper is celebrated!!!


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