Second Honeymoon……

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Well it has been literally the second honeymoon in Bali.

Wonderful time indeed.

We were introduced to a tour operator who has 23 years experience in the industry in Bali and now venturing on his own.

Happy to recommend to anyone looking for a good local operator in Bali.

Second Honeymoon……

17 thoughts on “Second Honeymoon……

  1. Dear Sir Kurian, Ever since we were aquatinted I had plans to read Walter Mitty. Today was the day, I read “the secret life of Walter Mitty”. A masterpiece indeed. Let me also tell you why exactly I liked it- When it comes to art, In my opinion expressing small things in life is real talent. As we all know that pages could/should be written about complicated or unknown topics for clear comprehension. So whenever I see small things narrated beautifully, I pause a moment to appreciate. Iam sure every being in this world carry imagination. Thank you for introducing Mitty to me and though I am one of them I learned the word Mittyesque only today. Here is a favour in return – Kafkaesque. “ Metamorphosis “ A short story by Franz Kafka.

    You could email me to –

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    1. Hello Neetha, thank you very much for this message. I have been wondering why there’s no new posts from such a talent (and a dreamer).
      Walter Mitty is great. I will read Franz Kafka.
      Thank you for the email id. I will write

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