Kopi Luwak…… & My Coconut Coffee……

Coconut Coffee. The idea came from the coffee tasting place in Bali, which highlighted Kopi Luwak. Coffee in the bigger cup by the side of the array of coffee and tea samples is Luwak. The place had a Civet cat in the cage and coffee on various stages through it.

Kopi Luwak is from coffee beans eaten by Civet Cats in the wild. It doesn’t digest well inside and the cat poo will have half digested beans. They are collected and processed for the coffee Luwak.

Since I was sure that one cat can’t process that much for all tourists I tasted the supposedly most expensive coffee in the world.

But coconut coffee among the concoctions attracted my attention. And here I am with my own homemade coconut coffee. Fresh roasted coffee beans on the coffee machine with grinder for very fresh coffee added with freshly squeezed coconut milk, sweetened with honey instead of the palm syrup (paani) in Bali. I am seriously thinking of replacing milk with fresh coconut milk for my coffee. I don’t have to then worry about which milk; full cream or skimmed which is more harmful!?

Kopi Luwak…… & My Coconut Coffee……

21 thoughts on “Kopi Luwak…… & My Coconut Coffee……

    1. Thanks Ravi. I think it tasted good. I used roasted coffee beans bought at Al Refai outlet in Lulu. The beans then put in the Black & Decker coffee maker which powders and blends and filter the coffee, retaining the fresh aroma.
      Diary free all the way

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  1. wow.. i never try Coconut Coffee….it sound yummy… because i love coconut and i love coffee…. i never thought they can put together in one cup… i should try it…. this is an amazing story for coffee lover like me…thanks for sharing

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