Sun Bathing & Vitamin D ……

Our Yoga Master recommends sun bathing for the much required Vitamin D.

The ideal time, in fact is from the morning sun. For effectiveness one has to be sitting or lying down, allowing the sun rays to bathe you.

For us the morning sun is on the East side balcony and it is not suitable for privacy. I say privacy because one has to expose the body to the sun rays and someone from the terrace on the building across the road may wonder what is happening.

The late afternoon sun is also good and this is available in plenty in my favourite balcony facing West.

I enjoyed the bathing, first twenty minutes lying on my back and completely stripped. Then another ten minutes face down and flat on the floor allowing the backside to enjoy the rays.

I must have found a solution for the intake of vitamin D from natural sources for an overall wellbeing.

Sun Bathing & Vitamin D ……

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