Namma Metro……Bangalore Days.

Metro in Bangalore has been terribly delayed. After such an unusual delay, a good part of the central bangalore is now served with Metro service.

So far the adoption rate looks very good. I read that about 350,000 commuters use the facility on a daily basis. And someone told me that it has already touched 400,000.

The second and subsequent phases, probably are on faster tracks. This include some underground stations. In fact some of the delays are attributed to the rocks encountered while doing the underground. That’s surprising as surely the technology to identify such details is available.

Looking at the metro maps after say about 4 years, we can see that the ‘Namma Metro’ would be a huge success. Incidentally the trains are crowded now, even on Sundays.

With at least two stations at walking distance to two of our places, some sort of an ease of travel is something to look forward to.

Wish ‘Namma Metro’ great success.

Namma Metro……Bangalore Days.

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