Hydrotherapy in Cancun

Yesterday i had a unique experience of hydrotherapy in ‘the Finest ‘ Paya Mujures resort in Cancun.

I was allowed only the swimming trunk and had to keep everything else including the phone in a locker and hence missed any detailed photos.

First it was in a sauna where body got warm and next was in a bathroom where a barrel with a hanging string was there. I pulled the string down and a barrel full of cold water bathed me. Wow

Then there was another bathroom where hot and cold alternating jets of water sprayed with power systematically all over the body.

Then it was a steam room with some salt all over the body. I could feel all pores opening and sweat pouring down. Then ice water was brought and poured on me head down. Double wow

Then there were a series of walking through small pools alternated with hot and cold water and different water jets worked on the body systematically.

Then another set of pools where very powerful water jets worked on you from above, sides and below.

Finally taken to a relaxing chair made of some stone and heated. Cold towel covered me and a small folded towel with perfumed and organic medicated was placed covering the eyes. Shoulders and neck were massaged making me fall asleep.

Overall a unique and rejuvenating experience.

Hydrotherapy in Cancun

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