East or West, What’s in a Direction……

Don’t call me ‘man with no sense of direction’ but I don’t know my East or west, and for that matter north or south.

I am from south India and so I love South. But then I was scared of the sales chart diving South.

And I know West, from where I am sitting in my balcony now enjoying some breeze. That’s cause someone told me that only West facing waterfront gives the breeze.

I just returned from USA, and call anyone there and the conversation is about north, east etc. No it’s even worse. It’s like ‘hey I am in mid west, and you can imagine the weather! I don’t even know West and how will I know half of it!

Worst is google navigation. ‘Turn South and proceed 2 kilometres’. Give me a break!

It’s not totally lost. Give me South, then I can stand up, raise my right hand towards South, I am facing East, behind me is West and the last option is North.

I have a sense after all

East or West, What’s in a Direction……

2 thoughts on “East or West, What’s in a Direction……

  1. Well Sir, it does become important when choosing a home given to the vaastu involved and many prefer east facing. But Yes the nature never looked at these directions and were free to choose the direction and placed themselves accordingly, so yes the direction didn’t matter to them either

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