Chakka Unda (Jackfruit Balls)……

I stopped one of my earlier posts on Chakka Pazham with invitation ‘watch this space’.

Here it is:-

Full Jackfruit

Cut and de seeded

Cooked thoroughly into a paste

Cooked further after keeping some for chakka ada, kimbilappam etc.

Made into balls, coated with roasted rice powder to prevent from sticking together

These are the most traditional, authentic and most tasty chakka undas. It will last for two years. Maybe more, but no unda lasted more than two years as they are too good to be allowed to live longer!

Time consuming and immensely intensive process. But a solution to Jackfruit planters who get pittance for the giant health food. For example my brother got INR 10 (15 cents) for a fruit, which the buyer took a truck load away. It’s retailed at non growing places at $ 20.

Feeling high with success on this difficult process and more so for generating such authentic taste that it’s like my mother’s 😍

Chakka Unda (Jackfruit Balls)……

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